1000 Pieces/ Hour Egg Tray Machine Production Line

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1000 Pieces/ Hour Egg Tray Machine Production Line

1000 pcs/hour egg tray 1000 kg pulper 4-deck 12 meters 3-line oven

Equipment list

pulper ;

• Engine: 4kw (with belt and pulley)
• Wave breaker and waste material discharge
system available
• Volume: 1000 kg
• There are 4 blade pulleys and blades
can be disassembled and mounted. In this way, repair and
maintenance is easier. (55-58HRC).
• Thanks to the vibrating sieve (6 mm hole)
foreign bodies in the dough (stone,
metal etc.) is eliminated.
• Primer painted

Dough Forming Section
• Mold Material: Aluminum
• Capacity: 1000 pcs / hour for 30 egg viols,
• 3-line molding drum suitable for fast mold change (approximately 60 minutes),

• Form (Shaping) Method: Plunge type is created by the vacuum given by the mold in the 3-way machine.
• Molds will be produced by CNC.
• Equipped with a stainless mechanical seal
• Stainless steel or steel body (optional)
• There will be 3 wire molds and 3 transfer molds in our 3-way dipping type machine.


• Vacuum pump 22 kW, with water ring and stainless steel mill (shaft)

• 4-storey tunnel type, 12 meters long
• Product transport system: Chain conveyor system
• Inside the wall is insulated with 150 mm, 800 degree rock wool.
• Energy: natural gas
• Temperature difference: 100 °C to 600 °C
• Ventilation: bidirectional (air discharge and air intake) airflow
• Automatic lubrication of chains with process product transfer.
• The product transfer speed in the oven is matched to the form section and works automatically.
• The oven has a natural gas or diesel burner
• Product transfer, to provide easy air flow in the oven; It is made with central and galvanized coating (steel with steel option) and perforated pans.
• Conveyor chain; being a pallet type flood roller, it has a hardness of 50 HRC
• Chain tensioning is with springs, not weights.
• Chain gear bearings are steel, oil-tight and have 2 bearings.
• There is a circulation fan in the oven. There is a water discharge system in the circulation fan.

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