6000-7000 Pieces /Hour Egg Tray Machine Production Line

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6000-7000 Pieces /Hour Egg Tray Machine Production Line

Pulper, Double Rotary Egg tray machine with 3 lines and Drying line  with 8 tiers and 28 meters

6000-7000 pieces per hour


Main Technical Parameters

Motor: 55 kW equipped with belt   and pulley
Equipped with waste material discharger and wave breaker
CBM:6 m³
With 6 bladed knife (55-58 HRC). The blades are detachable for easy maintenance
Vibratory Screening Unit (6 mm hole diameter)
D type body made of 8 mm steel
Primer painted



Forming method:Hexagon type Double  Rotary  Vacuum Molding with 3 lines
Mould Material: Aluminium
Capacity: 7000 pcs / hour
Note: Hourly production capacity may vary depending on the type of mold and other factors
Hexagon type double rotary with 3 lines moulding drum with  suited for quick mould change (around 60 minutes),
Rotor  die lubrication and cleaning system. (Recommended oil type is mobil vatra no:2)
The hexagon type (6) machine with 3 lines comes with 18 pcs wired moulds and with 18 pcs transfer moulds
The moulds will be produced with CNC
Equipped with stainless mechanical seal
Steel or stainless steel body for rotary machine (optional)

Vaccum pump
Vacuum pump is 110 kw, with water ring and with stainless steel mill (shaft)


Formation: 3 lines, 8 tiers tunnel type, 28 meter lenght
Transportation System: Chain Conveyer System
Wall thickness 150 mm, isolated with 800 degrees wool stone
Energy: Natural gas or diesel firing system.
Tempreture range: 100 °C to 400 °C
Ventilation: Forced Air Circulation.
Bi directional air flow dryer zone.
All Chains shall be equipped with automatic chain oiling system.
Dryer has a continuous variable speed roller chain tray conveyors that automatically matches the moulding speed.
Dryer shall be equipped with one burner (diesel or natural gas)
The transfer of the products in the furnace are made  by central weighted galvanized coated or stainless steel (optional) pans with holes to provide an easy air circulation.
The conveyor chain is equipped with holed pins and bigger reels than the diameter of the chain that helps easy moving. Chain type (50 HRC) is pallet chain.
The chain tension is provided by weights, not with springs.
The gears of the chain is, made of steel, oil proof and with 2 bearings. 
The furnace is equipped with one circulation fan. The Fan is equipped with water discharger.
In air discharging chimney there is a steam absorption unit. The hot water, which is gained from the steam, is being tranferred to the forming unit to obtain hot water. So that energy saving is provided.  
The furnace has pretensioning capabilty which helps tensioning the furnace when the temperature gets low or high.
The side walls of the furnace are equipped with doors with hasp. The doors are sealed with incombustible wick to prevent air leak.

Raw material:
The main raw material is mainly about the books ,papers,the cultural paper,carton and the leftover material of the tissue paper factory,the carton factory and the printing factory.The more important thing is to reuse the waste paper, protect the environment and get the profit .

Pulp making:
The  raw material for making the egg tray-waste paper or carton put into the pulper and with the knives force and the  force of the water flow the pulp is prepared ,then the pulp is put into the pulp tank. To make the appearance of the egg tray better and more smooth, the pulp is being filtered with the screening unit into the thick pulp holding  tank. That is to get rid of the impurity in the pulp (the plastic film,hemp rope and coarse residue or other materials). After this processing, the pulp is being mixed with water to a certain degree of concentration, then the pulp is transfered to the thin pulp holding tank.

The molds sank completely into the pulp,with the pumping made by the vacuum power from the back of the forming molds.The pulp, by the power of the vacuum, will be adhered to the surface of the molds and the water will be pumped out.The water is being transfered back to the pulp pool. The pulp, which is adhered on the surface of the molds on the rotary, is transfered to the transfer moulds. The extra pulp and water, which is left over from the forming machine, is transfered to return tank then sent to the thin pulp tank.

The wet base egg trays, is tranfered to the furnace in order to be dried. After drying, just packed and sent to the warehouse.


Saatte 7000 adet/saat yumurta viyolü üretim hattı imalatı